The Elements Of A Successful Real Estate Investment In Istanbul

Istanbul has witnessed a great momentum in the purchase of real estate by foreign investors since the beginning of 2012 after the Turkish government allowed foreigners to have a freehold ownership, and ever since then Istanbul occupied the first ranks in the major cities worldwide in terms of demand as well as the price increase … Continued

How to secure the value of your money during Coronavirus crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has become a very important conversation that is covered daily by the media and blogs extensively, as all news headlines are engaged in researching the impacts of the virus and its repercussions on the global economy, health and various aspects of life. Certainly, Turkey is not in isolation from this global … Continued

Why would it be preferable to deal with a real estate consultant when buying a property?

There is no doubt that Turkey is the next investment paradise, And it’s also the paradise of the earth to which he is sheltered. Tourists Investors’ hopes are also looking forward to it, The real estate sector in recent years Witnessing a significant increase in the value of investment, real estate prices in Turkey are … Continued

How to establish companies as an Arabs in Turkey

Establishing companies in Turkey   There is no doubt that the Turkish market is witnessing an unprecedented recovery over recent years. This made the city a source of attraction for hundreds of thousands of Arab and foreign traders and businessmen to  establish companies in Turkey to represent them and receive a substantial financial return due to the development … Continued

Laws of the management of Residential Complexes

Laws of the management of Residential Complexes   No one can deny that choosing a house is very important for people and families. A comfortable accommodation and good services are considered one of those circumstances to choose a house. The demand for families in residential complexes has increased as they provide basic services as well … Continued

How small investments are done in Turkey

Small Investments in Turkey There are many investments in Turkey, and what makes this investment grow is the strength of the economy and its expansion to the real estate market and its different fields,and government facilities and incentives provided to investors. For example, the government in Turkey provides support for different fields of investments in … Continued

How the property tax is calculated

Real estate taxes in Turkey Turkish tax legislation has become more clear, objective, consistent and in accordance with international standards. There are many taxes to be paid by investors, including real estate taxes,which are regularly charged to the tax departments concerned for certain periods during the year by the commissioners of the property owners.   … Continued

Real Estate Projects in the Valley of Istanbul

Real Estate Projects in the Valley of Istanbul Istanbul Valley is located in the European part of Istanbul. It sits on a relatively non-high terrain. The surroundings are relatively higher areas. It includes very high towers with modern designs. The project belongs to Kağıthane Municipality. The transformation urbanism in Kağıthane began in 2007. The growth … Continued

Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul : A Golden Opportunities for Safe Investments

  Napoleon Bonaparte said,” if the world has a capital it would be Istanbul’ Turkey is strategically situated on the north of the Arab world and on the east of the European continent. It is an emerging and developed country and among the 11 most powerful economies in the world. It is growing within a … Continued

Will turkey convert to using Bitcoin 

  In light of the global economic inflation caused by excessive printing of paper money, there is a high probability of an economic crisis, which pushed many prope to think of other alternatives that would be a way to survive if this world is exposed to an economic collapse. Hence, the Bitcoin.   Bitcoin  Is … Continued